How To Turn Your Home into a Rejuvenation Spa during the COVID-19 Lockdown

Firstly, you want to establish a healthy, daily routine.  Arising at the same time every day, weighing yourself, getting showered and dressed is a positive start.

— Go for a daily brisk walk and breathe the fresh air.

—Take an online dance class, yoga class, or exercise class.

—Exfoliate your face and body.

—Treat yourself to facial masks, deep hair conditioning treatments.

— Check your colon health.  Test strips are available as a screening for colon issues including colon cancer.  EZ Detect home test kit (in pharmacies and Amazon) checks for blood in the stool.  Simply drop a strip in the flush over a stool, and observe the color after two minutes.  

—measure your waist and try to maintain a girth of less than 35” for women and 37” for men.

—Educate yourself for one hour a day, and not just on Corona.

—Socialize for one hour day.  Try alternating between good friends and old acquaintances.

—Spend one hour a day reorganizing your life to make daily living more streamlined in the future.  Organize a drawer, repurpose a bookshelf, automate bill pay, etc.

—Treat yourself to a healthy, gourmet, home-cooked meal using special ingredients like cremini mushrooms, shallots, truffle oil, etc.

—Setup an ergonomically correct work station.  

—If you have a project you have longed to accomplish (writing a book, learning something new, losing weight, decluttering, etc.) dedicate one hour a day to this project.  You will be surprised how much you can accomplish over the next month.

—Prepare an emergency/hospital bag.  Include copies of documents, identification and credit cards, radio with fresh batteries, phone charger, extra pair of glasses, snacks and water, toilet paper, bandaids, flashlight, cash.  Update the bag yearly.  

—Laugh!  😊 Entertain yourself daily, and watch less news. 

—Spend one minute each day remembering all for which you have to be grateful.

—Spend one minute each day feeling love for those in your life.

—Relax and enjoy every minute of this precious life!