Dr. Pauline M. Canelias

Dr. Pauline Canelias is a board certified chiropractor specializing in sports medicine. 


Dr. Canelias completed her premedical training at Boston University, from which she graduated magna cum laude, and extensive post-medical training in kinesiological biomechanics and thermographic imaging in both the States and abroad.  She graduated summa cum laude from New York Chiropractic College, and was further presented the Phi kappa lambda award for outstanding academic achievement. In addition, she has been granted a lifetime membership in the Phi Chi Omega International Chiropractic Scholastic Honor Society.

Dr. Canelias has treated athletes, both world-class and recreational for over thirty years. Her technique is customized to individual needs that encompass a vast array of scientific analysis and methods: orthopedic, chiropractic, neurological, physical therapeutic, nutritional, rehabilitative, traditional and Eastern techniques.

Apart from medically necessary referrals, Dr. Canelias personally conducts the treatment from assessment to recovery. This specialized approach spares the patient excessive and costly testing as well as unnecessary procedures insuring early and lasting results.

  • Post-doctoral sports kinesiology
  • Post-doctoral thermography
  • NYC Medical Reserve Corps volunteer
  • NYC Marathon Medical staff
  • Board of Nutritional Advisors for Alternative Health Care Connections

Personal note:

In the Western world, we have been inculcated to be at war with our bodies.  We are trained from young to see our symptoms as our enemies, which must be eradicated.  We have waged war with inflammation, perspiration, fever, fatigue and pain, to name a few, and have made bed-buddies with chemicals.  Although medicines certainly have their place, for the treatment of injuries, there are so many more therapies which are underutilized.  Further, by using medication to merely treat symptoms, we are unwittingly  interfering with the body’s reactions to minimize damage, rather than addressing the problems themselves.  By preventing symptoms from manifesting, we are impeding proper healing, and needlessly damaging our bodies. In fact, as many people die each year from anti-inflammatory drugs as do from leukemia.   In 2015, in the light of overwhelming evidence, the Food and Drug Administration has issued new warnings for over-the-counter anti-inflammatory use and the risk of heart attack and stroke, regardless of dose or course of treatment.

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